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Since 1977, Livingstone Diamond has been recognized as a worldwide pioneer in the rapidly changing world of colored diamonds.

Over the years, the company has grown by delivering personalized service and gaining the trust of investors around the world. This gives us the ability to access fine jewels from both public and private sources. We have created a world-wide reputation as a source for custom made jewelry and the world's most unique colored diamonds. You can trust that the team at Livingstone DIamond Corp. will guide you through the confusing world of investing in precious stones.

We are frequently called upon by members of the entertainment communities in Toronto and New York to create custom designed pieces for both charity and special events. We are respected both for our style and generosity and are involved in many International charities such as The Starlight Foundation, Make A Wish Foundation and The Thalians. You can be assured that your commission will receive our personal attention and that you too will be treated as a special client by "Hollywood's jeweler to the stars...Livingstone Diamond."

In the history of mankind, no product has created more passion, fueled more romances and ignited more fires in more hearts, than fine gems and jewelry.

As with any selection, your personal choice of the jeweler is as important as the choice of the jewels themselves. It is our opinion that you should demand quality, inspect credentials and search for originality in design.

All of these traits are evident at Livingstone Diamond Corp. In fact, the reputation created over the years by us is so pristine, so unique that today, many of the world's most powerful and successful collectors insist on visiting the experts at Livingstone Diamond before they make any jewelry or gemstone buying decisions.

Our expertise covers the wide range from precious and semi-precious stones to exotics, offering the novice or collector the opportunity to purchase stones from the World's Markets with one phone call.

At the same time, we offer a complete design service featuring world class designers and craftspeople who can turn your gemstones, estate or existing jewelry into fabulous jewelry art that can be worn and admired.

We welcome you to join this group and put your trust in our dedication to value and excellence.